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The Photos for the RUB Album were shot on location of the interior design company Aufschnitt in Berlin. Aufschnitt specializes in the design and manufacturing of textile meats and other foods.


Aufschnitt Berlin is the world’s first textile butchery. The unique realization of cold cuts and sausages in cotton and microfiber make Aufschnitt one of the most unusual labels for the design of lifestyle products, textiles, and home accessories. Sometimes controversial but always humorous, Aufschnitt loves to play with a range of themes that include meat products and human organs, as well as a collection of soft weapons.


You might ask yourself, how did such a unique idea come into being? Founder and creative director Silvia Wald originally studied Clothing Technology in Berlin and loved to deliver her clients miniature sausage brooches as promotional gifts. As it turned out, these little sausages were loved by all and created a stir in the neighborhood. Today, Aufschnitt Berlin has expanded its repertoire to include a wide assortment of products in all shapes and sizes to suit every taste bud around the world.


production credits

Aufschnitt holds the copyright for art work and textile products





photo credits

Camilla Camaglia